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For those of you who live in places where you might suffer the same. A scorpion sting lasts just over 20 hours. The pain, which is agonizing, is pretty much constant throughout that time. Relief can be achieved by the application of a cold compress, but the efficacy of this treatment slacks off as time goes on so that it eventually becomes more painful after about 7 hours. It’s advisable to only take paracetamol, but this has no effect whatsoever on the pain. Curiously the pain does not abate gradually, but suddenly disappears. Jane was unable to sleep at 1.30 … CONTINUE READING

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No summer holidays for me this year. We’ve just had our friends from Seville to stay. I wrote in the mornings and afternoons and cooked in the evenings. Paella Valenciana the first night. Grilled boned leg of lamb (marinated for 12 hours) the second night. The third night we went out to a restaurant called The Twins because it’s run by Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. An amusing couple of lads. The first night we went there, back in the autumn, there was a power cut and one of the twins shouted out over the dining room ‘Just to let you know … CONTINUE READING

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I was there last night for the Super Saturday evening session in the Olympic stadium when Team GB won three golds in an hour. It was without doubt the most intense crowd experience I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing prepares you for being part of an 80,000 home crowd at an Olympics. I was in unchartered territory. But what a night. What a night! We arrived in the impressive stadium to see the flame which, if you’d seen the opening ceremony, was inspiring in a way that others haven’t been particularly. There were some empty seats – eight of … CONTINUE READING

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