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We saw Zero Dark Thirty last night. For once a US action thriller turns out not to be a propaganda vehicle for the American way, but rather the opposite. First of all, the world’s greatest spy agency takes ten years to track down their Public Enemy No. 1. At the outset they use extraordinary rendition and torture in order to achieve this. It is not a successful strategy and has deleterious effects on morale. There is quite a high level of incompetence (allowing a dubious source into a military compound without any form of search resulting in multiple deaths) and … CONTINUE READING

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We finished watching the first series of Borgen the other night. I can’t remember any British series over the last 20 years having so engaged me as did this Danish political drama. Watching it just made me think how mediocre is the fare we’re served up night after night in the UK. The writing is terrific with such subtle characterization, which in turn seems to provoke superb acting. What I really appreciated was that they played out all the difficult scenes and they were in no hurry. It takes all ten episodes for the post election joy to turn into … CONTINUE READING

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