Went to see ‘Skyfall’ the other night just to ease myself back into the cinematic groove. It was a return to the more successful tempo of Casino Royale rather than the jittery madness of Quantum of Solace. They must have been living on smoothies for weeks after the opening car chase sequence upset so many applecarts but this set the Mendes tone. It was all about knowingness. I liked the apocalyptic island which looked preferable to Macau’s excesses. It was forgiveably irritating, because it was so absurd, what can be achieved with or without a computer these days. I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit funnier. The banter between Bond and M, Moneypenny, Tiago Whateverhisnamewas played by Javier Bardem and Finney’s Kincade seemed to be holding back, but then I suppose they always have to be mindful of global appeal and this keeps the one liners on the bland side. I liked that scene of Bardem gaying up to Bond and for sheer queasiness I think his villain will be a tough act to follow. Maybe Mendes, who says he’s game for another, will bring him back in the next one with different hair. After No Country for Old Men and now this, Javier must be on the hunt for even more talented wigs.

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