Happy New Year to you all.

This one kicked off with some good news in from the USA about reviews for Capital Punishment. Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review and called it ‘energetic and thoughtful’. PW have not always been fans of mine. They famously started their review of The Blind Man of Seville with the line: ‘This just goes to show that even a writer as talented as Robert Wilson can have an off day.’ (When my cardio surgeon opened me up for my bypass he said those words were engraved on my heart). What got to me was the singularity of that ‘off day’. When did you last write a book in a day? Then again having an ‘off 547 days’ doesn’t have the same ring to it and perhaps they thought that would be just too cruel.

Kirkus were also very positive about CP and described me as in ‘elegant control of the narrative’. It never feels like that when you’re doing it, of course. That phrase might lead you to believe that as I prance about my office I’m occasionally performing wonderful flourishes with my quill whereas the reality is thrashing out biro scribbled sheets of photocopy paper raked with sweat and tears.

So that’s a decent start across the pond. Let’s see what they make of it over here in old Blighty.

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One Response to HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Chris says:

    Looking forward to the new one.

    For what it’s worth I think ‘Blind Man’ is a masterpiece, a novel that completely transcends the thriller genre. I don’t know whether it seemed like you were taking risks when you wrote it but it read that way to me, pretty much throughout the novel.

    The entire quartet is great but whenever I defend thriller writing I call people’s attention to that one.

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